cropped-HGCco.-logo-e1530320947474-1.jpgMichael Oas, carpenter and company owner, grew up on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, WA. The son of a professional artist, he brings a keen eye and designer’s outlook to his work. Although determined to be an architect during his high school years, his college summer vacations were spent working with Bainbridge roofing contractors who taught careful attention to detail. In 1992, Michael graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College, and that summer he married Michelle. To begin paying off college debt, Michael found a job working with another contractor. Not long afterward, he received his building contractor’s license and formed his own company. Over twenty five years and six children later, the school loans are gone and he is still doing construction. Today, he is working on passing his knowledge and skills on to his son David, who enjoys the creative process of building as well.

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David Oas, carpenter and part-owner of the business, has been working with Higher Ground Construction for over five years. David is an excellent problem solver.